Run It By Your Heart

My brother Hugh is an actor and gets me into some cool places.

We had bought tickets to see Prince, but then he was given two, so, we gave ours to friends and used his freebies. I remember walking down the stairs at Allophones Arena (now Sydney Olympic Park)...


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I'm Just a Sweet....

December 16, 2015


There is a lot going on right now in the world of 'trans'.

Bruce Jenner becoming Kaitlyn Jenner is transgender.

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Ive been thinking about whats blocking it the fear of failure? Of being judged...weird, stupid, boring etc? Is it because my entire life (despite being a Virgo, labelled neat, practical and ORGANISED) Ive always left things until the last minute. Even at Uni I would ask for an extension and then stay up until 5am doing all 10 million word essays in one night.

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