Meet Zoe

My name is Zoe and Im happy to say it means LIFE! My last name is Sheridan. It means WILD MAN! I love my life and its been a wild ride! 

I always loved music and singing but my audition into a singing school was, well, disastrous and humiliating. I didn't have a pianist or a singing teacher like the other candidates, just a supportive younger brother who drove me via the pub for a nerve soothing scotch on the rocks on the way.

So, I decided to go to radio school and become a DJ (naively thinking I would get to choose the music). Before I got an actual job in radio, I began DJing in bars and clubs and hosting karaoke nights. It was fun and paid well and in 1993 there weren't many female Dj's in Sydney so I was kind of cool.

My boyfriend at the time decide to study in America and I went along. When I was on top of the Empire State Building I realised, looking down at all the tiny ant people below, just how many people there were on the planet (just in NYC) and that no one was going to just walk up and offer me a job in radio, I had to make it happen.

After almost a year away, travelling through America and Europe and suffering my first major heartbreak I returned to Australia and took my resume to a radio station in Adelaide about to launch. Triple M. I landed a job and began a career that lasted over 12 years. During my 3 years in Brisbane I also hosted a kids TV show called Challenger. Just like when I was a Nanny in the US, I was a natural at working with kids.

I now had 2 kids of my own under 4 and was a single Mum. Realising Voice Over work was more flexible and better money than radio I changed careers. I have worked on other TV shows and done a whole lot of MC and hosting work and continue to DJ.

The reason Im telling you this is that through this work I have developed skills and made many friends who have all helped me make this website happen.

When I first started in radio I worked 85 hours a week for little pay but I didn't care as i was so passionate and loved my job so very much. The same feeling came with Voice Over work, honing a new skill, meeting new people and getting paid well for something I loved doing. Now, Im in the very fortunate position to feel inspired, motivated and passionate again but this time its on an entirely new level. I feel divinely guided and supported, especially by my dear friends and family who have all offered their time, talents and services, free of charge, to help me create this site. Thank you Leon Nacson, Frank Boffa, Glen Styles, Kate McCrossin, and Fiona Treweeke.

I love you all with all my heart.