We live in a world where technology is providing as many disadvantages as advantages to our children, it fuels their learning, but impacts their play, social skills and access to their sensory world. The society that our children grow up in is complex and the need for balance could not be more vital – and this is where mini meditation comes in.
The mini meditation downloads and classes created by Zoe Sheridan are designed to address this and provide of wealth of benefits to ensure our children grow up healthy and happy.
Meditation for kids is proven to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, help improve relationships at home and school , deal with aggression and anxieties, improve behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory & concentration, whilst promoting inner peace.
Mindfulness and meditation are fantastic tools that kids can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives. You can give your child the opportunity to learn these skills through Zoe’s fun, interactive classes or through her beautifully recorded meditations for download.