To Zoe

I love mini meditation because I had a great teacher who was so inspiring to everyone and i got told amazing stories. Every Monday i went to the ocean room in the pavilion at north Bondi and learned about angels, goal setting, growing up, spirits and lots more. Each week we had to remember our folders and every Monday we would get a booklet that was all about what we learnt that lesson. Every week Zoe would have a fun active for us to do at the end like drama, looking at crystals, arts and crafts, panting, making t-shirt’s and lots more and sometimes we would get to take them home. Zoe would sometimes come dressed up to help us imagine and vocalise the stories she told us, one week she came dressed as a fairy to help us imagine the story about our garden angel. I love mini meditation and I hope everyone can be as amazed as me. We have an amazing teacher and roll model Miss Zoe Sheridan who is funny, smart, beautiful and so relaxed and calm. There’s something in Mini meditation is something for everyone and it’s an amazing, fun, creative thing for everyone to have a part of their life and I am proud to say it a part of mine now I have an amazing connection with Zoe and I love her lots to the moon and back. So sign up now and feel what I’m feeling.

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On Friday 1 September the team at Australian Fashion Labels had the pleasure of being taken through a short meditation by the talented Zoe Sheridan. 

Guiding us through positive affirmations of self and work; we left motivated, eager and excited to continue our working day.

It re-highlighted the importance of taking time out, not only for productivity but mental and physical health; something which we so readily sacrifice in our fast paced work environment. 

Further, I also shared a photo and write up on our Aus Labels Linked In page - https://www.linkedin.com/company/1873797/

 Simone C - Australian Fashion Labels Pty Ltd