Animal Spirit Guides Meditation


Everything on Earth is alive

Everything on Earth has purpose;

Everything on Earth is connected;

Everything on Earth is to be embraced.

Yes, even Spiders! 

Welcome to the world of Animal Spirit Guides! In this mini meditation we will go on an adventure and meet many different animals who will share their gift or 'medicine' with you and then you will call on your very special Animal Spirit Guide to come forward and reveal themselves and their gift to you! 

If you have a Spider as your guide you are probably very creative as spiders have the gift of organic engineering, in other words, they create beautiful intricate webs. They also wait patiently for their dinner so patience may be another quality you have or one the spider will teach you.

Indigenous cultures from all over the world have always believed the Earth and everything on it, from different parts of the land, to rocks, trees and all animals have different energies and powers. There is even a whole medicine range from flowers called 'Aromatherapy'. In this meditation we will just focus on Animals and the different gifts and powers they each have to help you on your beautiful journey of life.

It is suggested that we each have two main 'Animal Spirit Guides' to walk with us through life but that at different times, as you need them, you have Animal Guides come along to help as well.

For example, I was told, when I was meditating, that my Animal Spirit Guide is a white wolf, but at the moment I also have a butterfly. When I looked up the Butterly its all about change or transformation and remembering to be light and flutter by!

You do not choose an Animal Spirit Guide, the Spirit chooses you and they decide to whom they will reveal themselves and make their friend.   Do not fall into the trap of saying, 'I think the wolf is a smart, good looking and powerful animal, so the wolf will become my animal guide.”   It does not work this way.

Each Animal has its own "Medicine" which is unique to that specific creature as gifted by the Great Mystery and its spirit cannot be chosen like the color of your new iphone cover.  Discovering who your animal guides are is a process of paying attention to the spirits around you and following the signs. We will call upon yours in meditation today but they could also come in your night or just daydreaming. 

Isn't is so awesome to know you have an Animal (or two or three!) loving, protecting and guiding you through life!

I would love you to email me and tell me about your Animal Spirit Guide and its message, my address is Maybe you could even draw or paint a picture?









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