Let's Go To Fairy Land


I cant remember the first time I heard about fairies, and probably neither can you, as they have always been a part of our lives. From the Tooth Fairy, to the Fairies who 'watch over us' for Father Christmas or Santa to make sure we are trying to be good kids, to Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and all the books we read about fairies.
We are told Fairies love music and to love to dance.They love to laugh and love to play. They are also MAGICAL! 
It is said that if a human is caught in a Fairy ring you can dance for a year and a day but it only feels like minutes!! (sometimes I feel like that when Im dancing at parties so maybe I've been caught in one or two... or 50!)
So, who are the real Fairies?
I think the fairies live in our world and watch over our children, animals and plants. They have a special connection with nature which is why we associate them with flowers. They may be cheeky and mischievious but thats because they are Fairies!! Not Angels.... and not humans either. Imagine how much fun you would have if you could fly and be invisible!! All I know for sure is that I DO believe in Fairies! When I go to Centennial Park I look for them and I still believe that one day they will show themselves to me. (Maybe 'Fairy Land' or their world is vibrating at a higher frequency or energy than ours and so if we meditate more we will see them more easily.)
I also know people who told me they have seen Fairies and I believe them!
Have you seen a fairy? Please email me and tell me all about it at zoesheridan@hotmail.com
Every day in the park I ask them to sprinkle me with magic Fairy dust, to whisper jokes into my ears, and show me beautiful things. Then I close my eyes and I ask them to give me Fairy Wings. We will ask them this in our meditation and
we will ask the fairies to take us on a special magical journey to Fairy Land.
Let the magic begin!!

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