Guardian Angels for kids

This is a beautiful meditation where you will meet your very own Guardian Angel!

Everyone has a Guardian Angel and some people have many. 

YOU may have hundreds!! 

If you ask for more Angels or more help, they will come.

Angels LOVE it when you ask them for help and it doesn’t matter how big or how small the problem, situation or challenge may be.

I have asked Angels to help me get over a broken heart and to find a car park!

I even asked the Angels to help me find a house like the one I live in friends rented this house and I always felt very ‘at home’ in the house so I asked the Angels (by writing them a letter) to find me one with a similar feeling. About 4 months later my friends decided to move out of the house and they asked me if I would like to rent it.

Angels will never interfere with you or your life unless you ask them, so REMEMBER to ask! The more you do, the more you will remember and you will begin to feel or hear their reply.

Your Guardian Angels are with you from Birth. They gently guide, love and protect you. When you feel sad they comfort you, hug you and wrap their wings around you.

I did a meditation today and asked my Guardian Angel for a message to tell you. Here is the message....

We love you unconditionally. 

You are perfect exactly as you are. 

We would love you to talk to us. 

You can ask us anything at anytime.

You can ask for protection, for help with homework or even in exams. 

You can ask for sweet dreams. 

You can ask if you are unsure about a decision....really, ask anything. 

All you have to do is think of us and the question and we will know. 

It is great that you are learning to meditate! 

Stick with it. 

Even if you just be thankful at night you will feel good. You are all healers and bring joy and love and lightness to the world. 

Enjoy this blessed experience. 

Be light and have fun. 

Observe , do not obsorb.

You are never ever alone. 

We are ALWAYS with you and LOVING you.

Just be yourself.

You are perfect and brilliant. We Love You



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