Affirmations and Loving Myself Meditation


To'affirm' something means to agree that it is true. To confirm that it exists.
For example... I am reading my meditation notes on affirmations.
Its true. You are. 
The way we can use affirmations is to create something we want to be true or happen in our lives.
 We make the statement, for example, I AM REALLY GOOD AT MATHS.
Then there are different ways of using to the affirmation to help it become true or a reality.
1. We write it down on paper, or I like to use 'post it notes' and stick them everywhere we see them.....near your bed, the bathroom mirror, inside your wardrobe door, inside your lunchbox etc
2. We repeat the affirmation over and over. This is especially powerful if you say it to yourself while looking in the mirror. You can also sing it while your running or in the shower...make up a little song!
3. The MOST POWERFUL thing to do is create the feeling or emotion as though it IS TRUE NOW!!
Imagine its already happened. What does it feel like? What kinds of things are you doing now it is true?
This is where your meditation or even just day dreaming is awesome!
Get into a very relaxed state and feel into your affirmation, imagining it is true.
Now visualise or picture yourself getting a maths test back with a big red A+ on the test.
4. REPEAT STEPS 1,2 and 3!!!
If you can't think of a particular affirmation you want to do, just do this one
Some adults find it very difficult to look into a mirror and say this to themselves! Ask an adult you know to try it.
You can help them love themselves. Remember to say your affirmations at least 10 times a day and to FEEL them as though they are already true! Here are some other good ones....
I am awesome
I am creative
I am beautiful on the inside and outside
I am smart and I love learning new things
I love healthy foods and drinks
I excercise everyday
I only attract loving and respectful people and relationships
Everything I need to know is revealed to me and everything I need comes to me
I love life and life LOVES ME!!
My favourite affirmation right now is....
The Universe has my back!!
I would love you to send me your favourite affirmations at
Wherever you are please know for sure that I love you and I am so proud of you!!!
All my love, Zoe X


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