Manifesting and Goals


This week we are going to learn how to consciously (on purpose) create something we want to happen in our life. 
This can be creating something you would like to happen or to have, or changing a behaviour or to be better at something you already do.
As we have talked about already, everything is made of energy. We are made of ENERGY. Even our thoughts and feelings are made of waves of energy. So by creating thoughts and feelings ON PURPOSE we can create our life, or, in other words make our goal a reality. 
We will call the energy of the world around us 'THE FIELD'. There is a conversation going on between the FIELD and YOU. If we think and feel positive, happy emotions we create positive, happy experiences.
Meditaion helps us to be in the present moment, to be relaxed and calm and stop worrying about what has happened in the past or what could happen in the future. 
Sometimes we think we will be happier when we get something. We want it NOW.
Or we can think we are not good enough or smart enough or rich enough etc
BUT, you are smart enough and good enough. YOU ARE PERFECT!!
The secret is to be in the present moment and think of all the things you already have that make you happy and to be grateful for and then the FIELD (or universe or life) will give you even MORE things to be thankful for.
Energy flows where attention goes.
Like attracts like
Whatever you think will happen usually does happen
1. Visualise or imagine what it looks like when it is done.
    You can be really specific by imagining where you are, what you are wearing, what the weather is like.
2. Imagine what it feels like when it is done.
    Feel proud of yourself. Imagine how happy you feel and how big your smile is. Thank yourself for getting here.
3. Read your affirmation and practice your goal meditation.
4. Remember to feel thankful for all the wonderful things, people and great experiences ALREADY in your life!

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